Online Only 8-Week LITE Intensive Coaching Program


 This Two-Phase 8-Week interactive app-based program provides all the tools you need to succeed in your health and wellness journey from your smartphone or computer anywhere in the world!

Program Includes:  

  • Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire Review & Feedback.

  • 30 Days of 5 Days per week/once daily monitoring and feedback from your Coach in Phase #1, then 3 days per week monitoring and feedback from your Coach in Phase #2.

  • (1) 8-week interactive app subscription with My Fitness Pal Food Diary integration, progress tracking and more.

  • (1) personalized 8-Week Calorie and Macronutrient Step Plan.

  • Home or Gym Fitness recommendation plan.

  • A 174 -page Recipe Guide complete with instructions, serving sizes, calories and macronutrients.

  •  Getting Started guide with mini nutrition lessons, eating schedules and more!

  • Sample Day Menu Guides to show you what a balanced day looks like with different food items.

  • Mindset training for a successful healthy lifestyle.

  • Weekly Check In Sessions with your Coach.

*DEXA, RMR,Vo2Max, Fit3D Laser and other assessments offered by Live Lean Rx FL are NOT included in this package.

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