Online Only 8-Week

LITE Intensive Coaching Program


 This Two-Phase 8-Week interactive app-based program provides all the tools you need to succeed in your health and wellness journey from your smartphone or computer anywhere in the world!

Program Includes:  

  • Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire Review & Feedback.

  • Two-Phase Coaching Support Platform: 30 Days of 5 Days per week/once daily monitoring and feedback from your Coach in Phase #1, then 3 days per week monitoring and feedback from your Coach in Phase #2.

  • (1) 8-week interactive app subscription with My Fitness Pal Food Diary integration, progress tracking and more.

  • (1) personalized 8-Week Calorie and Macronutrient Nutrition Step Plan.

  • 8-Week Home or Gym Fitness recommendation plan.

  • A 174 -page Recipe Guide complete with instructions, serving sizes, calories and macronutrients.

  •  Getting Started guide with mini nutrition lessons, eating schedules and more!

  • Sample Day Menu Guides to show you what a balanced day looks like with different food items.

  • Mindset training for a successful healthy lifestyle.

*DEXA, RMR,Vo2Max, Fit3D Laser and other assessments offered by Live Lean Rx FL are NOT included in this package. See the ULTIMATE Coaching Package.

Click the image below to bring up the registration form:


Step #1: Register by clicking the photo.

Step #2: Complete The Lifestyle Assessment Form.

Step #3: Wait for your coach to e-mail you.