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You must read and understand the following carefully before proceeding to the booking page.

Make sure you prepare, plan and schedule appropriately for your testing services.
If you arrive unprepared for your appointment (proper fasting for RMR/VO2, exercise restrictions etc.) you will be rescheduled and charged a $25 fee.
Preparation instructions are included in the service description on the reservation page AND will be e-mailed to you upon appointment reservation. Check your spam folder if you did not receive it.
Testing information and preparation instructions are also posted at the bottom of each service FAQ page.

Referrals, Gift Cards, Promotions and Discount Voucher Use
If you have a gift card, professional discount rate or a discount voucher from a Third Party website please  CLICK HERE for booking instructions.

Credit Card Info is REQUIRED to reserve your appointment
This feature is currently disabled in our system so no CC info will be required to book your appointment temporarily while the issues are fixed.
if you violate our booking policy your account will be issued a $25 fee or if you have a discount voucher, we have the right to redeem your voucher for the appointment you missed.

Normally, You will be required to enter your credit card information upon booking your appointment regardless of membership status or voucher purchase.
You will not be charged unless you violate our booking policy. You can read our booking policy here.
Once you arrive for your appointment, you will be asked if you'd like to change your payment method and may do so at that time.

Reserving An Appointment
You must complete Step #1 and Step #2 on the reservation page via the Reserve Appointment button below. Step #2 is the actual reservation process. Completing Step #1 by itself does not reserve an appointment for you but it is required each time you wish to reserve a DEXA or VO2max service.
If you would like to to check dates of appointment availability, this is located on Step #2 of the reservation page.

Small Group Booking (Up to 3 people)
If you are looking to schedule multiple people (up to 3) at the same time for testing services, you will have to do the following:
1. Find a date with times that are available consecutively. (Ex: 9am, 9:30, 10am)
If you do not see consecutive slots available for the services you'd like to reserve for your party, you must select another day. Please be advised that if you reserve inconsecutive time slots, our staff will stop serving your party around these times to serve the clients who reserved the spots around you at their designated times.
2. Each person will have to create an account and reserve their own appointment slot within that time frame for the service they choose. Our system does not permit double-booking, so if you are arriving in the same vehicle then you all may arrive at the FIRST appointment slot that was reserved. (Ex: 9am) 
3. If you are reserving RMR or VO2Max services, please be advised that we have limited equipment available for these services and if you should arrive at the same time, you WILL be waiting up to 20 minutes for each person to finish before you are seen.
4. If you are looking to reserve services for more than 3 people but less than 5, please contact us via email to submit your request. Please include the following in your e-mail:
- Number of people in your group
- Services you'd like to reserve for each person
- Preferred days of the week (within our hours of operation: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)
Please be advised that group reservations require a Credit Card at the time the reservation is made to ensure compliance with our Booking/Cancellation Policy. This is because we have to close down our testing facility to exclusively tend to your group which means no other clients can reserve during this time. The card on file will be subject to charges of $25 per person in the group who violates our Booking/Cancellation Policy, so please read the policy thoroughly.

For Groups of 4 or more, please submit your booking request HERE.

IMPORTANT: You are NOT permitted to reserve an appointment, create an account, or sign a liability waiver for our facility for anyone other than YOURSELF unless you are booking for your minor child.
It is against the law to: 1.) Consent to a liability waiver for someone who is NOT: A) Your minor child, or B) Under your legal care or power of attorney to make decisions on their behalf. 2.) Provide medical or protected health information on anyone's behalf for someone who is NOT: A) Your minor child, or B) Under your legal care or power of attorney to make decisions on their behalf.
This also means that our staff members are not legally permitted to create an account and book an appointment for you unless you have completed the Pre-Screening Form in Step #1 on the reservation page.
MINORS (under the age of 18) require a parent or legal guardian to be present during testing. Any minor that arrives without a parent/legal guardian will be rescheduled and charged a $25 fee. (See Booking Policy)

*Please note that we do not have bilingual staff members. Clients looking to reserve an appointment with us must be able to read, speak and write fluently in the English language or bring an interpreter.

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Our Live Lean Rx Tampa facility is now permanently closed as of 8/18/2020.
All Tampa area clients are welcome to visit us
in Boca Raton for their testing needs!