Live Lean Rx Florida Booking Policy


You will be required to enter your credit card information upon booking/creating your appointment regardless of membership status or discounted voucher use.

You will not be charged unless you violate our booking policy. 

Why Am I Being Asked For My Credit Card Information?

We are a by-appointment-only concierge environment facility that creates a private interaction between professional staff and client during reservations. This means that our staff members are only in the office when appointment times are reserved and the clients who reserve these times receive our undivided attention. Once a reservation is made, nobody else can reserve this spot as we do not allow walk-in appointments. Out of respect of our staff and our clients who purchase our time, we require a Credit Card be collected upon reservation in an effort to reduce the amount of appointments being reserved by individuals who are not mindful of this concept.

You will be required to enter your credit card information upon booking/creating your appointment regardless of membership status or discounted voucher use.
You will not be charged unless you violate our 
booking policy guidelines, which include:

APPOINTMENT RESERVATIONS & ACCOUNT CREATION Every client/prospective client seeking the services of CTF LLC/ Live Lean Rx FL must adhere to the online booking process as indicated via the BOOK NOW button on Clients are NOT permitted to (1) Reserve an appointment for SOMEONE ELSE under their login. (2) Create an account and/or fill out the Pre-Screening Survey for another person in order to reserve an appointment UNLESS the client in which you are doing this for is your minor child. Live Lean Rx FL Staff members are also not permitted by law to create an account or complete the pre-screening survey for the client. Special Exceptions for issues with online booking state that staff members can assist with account creation and appointment reservation AFTER the Pre-Screening form containing the Liability Waiver has been accurately completed and submitted by the client wishing to participate in CTF LLC/ Live Lean Rx FL services. If these issues arise, clients must inform the CTF LLC staff members via email or contact form on the website for assistance.

Out of consideration for our clients and staff, if you neglect to confirm your appointment by the following methods (1) via our MindBody Online system or (2) by notifying the office via leaving a voicemail or sending an email/text message at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, your appointment will automatically be cancelled.

CANCELLATION POLICY (booking policy cont'd)

If you (1) fail to confirm your appointment 24 hours prior to your scheduled services (2) confirm and fail to show up or (3) Cancel your appointment less than 2 hours prior to your reservation you will be automatically be removed from the schedule, charged a $25.00 fee and NO REFUND will be issued.


If you (1) Fall ill (2) Become involved in an accident (3) Experience other travel, health etc. circumstances beyond your control that cause you to miss or cancel your appointment outside the policy guidelines, your $25.00 fee may be refunded or waived upon proper communication from the client to our staff member at owner/manager discretion on a case by case basis.

FEE APPLICATION (booking policy cont'd)

Your $25.00 fee may be applied to your total purchase as a credit if you re-schedule and return for an appointment without another cancellation.

NO SHOW POLICY & LATE ARRIVAL NOTICE (booking policy cont'd)

We are a "by appointment only" facility, which means we do not have set staffed hours where someone is here for walk-ins. No walk-ins are permitted as our services require completion and approval of a Pre-Screening Medical Survey prior to appointment reservation.

A failure to inform the office by (1) calling (you MUST leave a message if we do not answer), (2) Text message to the business phone line or (3) by direct email to the location less than 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment will result in an automatic early cancellation and a $25.00 fee charged to your credit card on file.
If we do not hear from you within 15 minutes past your appointment time after you have confirmed your reservation, our staff will move on to the next appointment or leave the office if you are the last scheduled appointment for the day. Re-scheduling can be done at your leisure online the same way you booked the appointment initially for another available date and time.

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