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Which Metabolic Assessment is right for you? 

A DXA Body Scan is a 6 to 8 minute low-powered X-ray scan of your body  from head to toe that will tell you how much lean mass, fat mass and bone mass you have and where it is so that you can understand what the number on the scale really means. This will help you to create a better relationship with your body by learning that the scale is not always a true reflection of progress.
A V02MAX Assessment is a 5 to 7 minute walking, running or cycling fitness test that will provide your target heart rate for each of the following zones: Fat burning, aerobic and anaerobic. It will also provide calorie expenditures per hour in each heart rate zone for accuracy in nutritional programming.
A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Analysis is a 25 minute breathing analysis that will tell you how many calories you burn each day at rest, during your workday, and during moderate exercise. It will also provide your metabolism speed and what your body wants to burn as energy on the day of the test (sugar or fat) in a fasted state. 
A FIT3D Laser Body Scan is a 40 second 360 degree laser image evaluation of your body. The FIT3D Scan measures your inches around from neck to ankles, evaluates your posture from side to side and front to back, and evaluates your weight distribution and balance between each leg.

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