FIT3D Laser Body Scan

How it works

The Fit3D Pro-scanner is a great option for regular progress monitoring outside of the DEXA Scan, providing a different set of information. It evaluates your posture, balance and circumference from neck to ankles in 360-degree 3-D scale. It uses a non-invasive, near-infrared camera with a standard image sensor and uses no x-ray radiation, making it safe to use daily if needed. The sensor moves up and down while you stand on the scanner platform. The whole process takes a quick 40 seconds in which the scanner completes a full 3D, 360-degree body scan. 

The FIT3d Laser does not provide body fat information. Please see DEXA Scan for body fat analysis.

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What does it measure?

Posture Analysis

The Fit3D Pro-scanner analyzes your posture and provides you with an understanding of all the shifts, tilts, and rotations in your body. This information can help you identify tension, soreness, and pain from poor posture, as well as act as a baseline for posture improvement. Over time you will begin to see progress in how you carry your body, how you handle tension and weight, and how you align your body. As things improve, you may find that the strange little aches, pains, and pinches you feel in your neck and back will soon disappear.


Body Shape Wellness Scoring

Do you know how mass is distributed within your body? Are you carrying more mass around your midsection? The Fit3D Pro-scanner returns a rating that helps you understand your health based solely on where mass is within the body. This means that if you are carrying more mass around your midsection, thighs, behind, or elsewhere, you now have concrete reading to help you know how to lose and redistribute mass into a more healthful configuration.


3D Body Scans

One of the most interesting bits of the Fit3D Pro-scanner is that it allows users to obtain a full 3D image of their body in under a minute. The 40-second scan returns this complete image giving users more depth and understanding. With this information, you can understand your body on a much deeper level because you'll see problem areas as well as improvement over time. This 3D Scan DOES NOT provide Body Fat Information. See DEXA SCAN for Body Fat Assessment.


100+ Measurements

In addition to a full-scale 3D image of the client's body, the Proscanner also offers hundreds of useful measurements. These include circumference, lengths, widths, surface areas, heights, and volumes that help round out your 3D image even more.


Does FIT3D Laser Provide Body Fat Percentage?
No. We use the DEXA Scan to evaluate this information.

What Should I Wear?
Since the FIT3D Laser measures circumference(around) of body parts, we suggest the following:

  • Tight Sports Bra and spandex shorts or leggings with no flare.

  • Form Fitting Bikini

  • Form fitting underwear or briefs for Men.

Do I Need To Fast or Avoid Exercise Prior to a FIT3D Scan?
No, but it is best to stay consistent in your consumption and activities prior to each scan and not consume large meals in order to avoid water retention and bloating.

Is a Prescription required for the FIT3D Laser Scan?
No. The only service you need a prescription for in our facility is the DEXA Scan.


How Will I Receive My Results?

When you use the device you create your own private login that will allow you access anywhere in the world from your smart phone or computer.

Your results are stored in a secure dashboard that will allow you to track your progress over time. Nothing will be printed.

A brief review of the results will be provided. No consultations or recommendations are included.

How Does The FIT3D Laser Scan Information Help Me?
FIT3D can help you visualize changes in the inches in your waist, arms, hips, and legs during your transformation in between DEXA Scans or in conjunction with them. It can also help you visualize Posture and Balance changes as your body gets stronger. It can assist health & fitness professionals in evaluating the progress and results of your current training programs to make adjustments to suit your needs.

Can I Use FIT3D Laser While Pregnant?
YES! We highly encourage tracking your unborn baby's growth with the circumference measurements and 3D Imaging of this scan during different trimesters and sharing it with your Physician.

Fit3D Laser Scan Reference Chart