Lifestyle Assessment & Personalized Plan:

A Two-Step Process


Creating A Healthy Lifestyle is About So Much More Than Diet and Exercise.

It is really hard to see the parts of our lifestyle that are "disconnected" and not "communicating properly" on our own.

We've created an in-depth Lifestyle Habit Assessment that will allow our staff to take a look at your goals and shed some light on how your current Lifestyle Habits are either promoting or preventing your success, and how to "re-train your brain" for healthier habits.

We will use your feedback and our suggestions to provide an 8-Week Personalized Lifestyle Recommendation Plan to help you achieve the ultimate success, with two levels to choose from Basic or 8-Week Step Plan!

See our two options available here: Macro Plans

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How it Works

Option #1: Complete Before Your Appointment OR If requesting online only.

1. Complete the Lifestyle Assessment Survey

Please allow 20-30 minutes to complete the entire assessment. Make sure you are not rushing through it, as the questions require some attention and detail.

2. Staff Review

Our staff will review your survey entries and prepare additional questions if more information is needed, along with recommendations for you based on your goals.

3. Wait For A Staff Member To E-Mail You

We will contact you once we've reviewed your survey entries to discuss options for working together on your goals!

4. Personalized Recommendation Plan

After consulting with you about your survey entries, we will create and provide you with an organized Recommendation Plan for nutrition and fitness to help you create better habits. This plan will be completed and e-mailed to you in PDF form within 24 hours of your form submission. Purchase of a RMR Analysis is recommended to ensure accuracy for the daily calorie recommendation portion of the plan but not required.

Option #2: Add It On During Your Appointment

1. Let our staff know upon your arrival that you would like to add a Lifestyle Consultation with Macro Plan to your services.

2. After your scheduled services are completed (RMR Analysis is recommended), our staff will ask you important questions to get as much information about you as we can so proper recommendations can be provided.

3. Using your testing data and interview information, your plan will be either handed to you upon appointment completion or e-mailed to you in a PDF form (or uploaded to your dashboard if you are enrolling in a Coaching Program  or if you chose the 8-week macro plan) within 24 hours of your appointment.

* Please Note: If you do not elect to participate in any metabolic testing such as the RMR Analysis, DEXA Scan, or VO2max your recommendations will be provided based on scientific calculations like the Mifflin St. Jeor or Harris-Benedict Equations for Total Daily Energy Expenditure.


Why Choose A Personalized Plan?

Do you struggle with reaching your health & fitness goals?

Does it seem like no matter what you try, nothing seems to yield results for you?

Having a Lifestyle Consultation can help you:

- Identify current "poor" Lifestyle Habits that could be holding you back.

- Identify potential causes of poor sleep, weight gain, weight loss, accountability issues etc.

- Identify potential health risks of those causes that require Physician consultation and treatment.

- Organize a "Plan of Attack" for creating healthier lifestyle habits to reach your goals.

Remember: Lifestyle Consultations and macro plans are NOT considered diagnostic or prescription. Recommendations are provided following healthy living principle guidelines and clients elect to participate at their own risk. Consult your healthcare team prior to beginning any lifestyle interventions if you have concerns.


What's Included in the Personalized Plan?

All Personalized Recommendation Plans will be provided to you either at the end of your appointment for Basic or in a digital PDF file format and then e-mailed to you for all 8-Week Plans.

If you are an Online Only client then any plan you choose will be provided via e-mail to you.

Your Personalized Recommendation Plan will include:

Basic Macro Plan

- Recommendations on how to improve your current lifestyle habits, like selecting an earlier bed time, drinking more water, getting active, etc.

- Daily calories and macronutrient breakdowns.

- Daily sodium and water intake recommendations.

 8-Week Step Plan:

Recommendations on how to improve your current lifestyle habits, like selecting an earlier bed time, drinking more water, getting active, etc.

Daily calorie intake & macro-nutrient balance recommendations and meal by meal breakdowns.

Meal Timing and Eating Window recommendations

Managing Stress in healthy ways, like practicing yoga or finding a hobby you enjoy.

Health Supplement resources for protein powders, vitamins etc.

Meal Delivery Service options to help get you started, if needed. (meals not included in the price.)

Professional Consultation referrals like Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Physicians, etc.

And More!

Remember: *Personalized recommendation/macro plans are NOT prescription meal plans. Consult your physician or medical team prior to beginning any nutrition or activity regiment.

Sample snippet from 8-Week Macro Step Plan