Set yourself up for the ultimate success by adding one of our Macro-Based Nutrition Plan Upgrades to your testing services!

Go BEYOND Counting Calories.

Learn to balance your MACROS for long-term success & NEVER DIET AGAIN*.

No matter what your wellness goals are, learning how to balance your macronutrients ("macros") within the daily calories that you consume is an important skill that stays with you for life. It is not difficult to learn, it simply takes a little bit of consistent effort!

Our Macro-Based Nutrition Plans provide simple to follow guidelines based on your individual needs to reach your goals while giving you the freedom to create your own meals out of the foods you love!

Our Macro-Based Nutrition Plans are best paired with a RMR Analysis, but these plans are also available without the RMR!

To add a Macro-Based Nutrition Plan upgrade to your appointment, just tell our staff when you come in!

To get your Macro-Based Nutrition Plan without a RMR Analysis, please complete the Lifestyle Assessment Form.

Basic Macro Plan

$25 (members)

$50 (non-members)


- Tracking app set up.

- Two sets of daily calorie & macro percentages for high and low activity days.

-Daily water consumption guidelines.

- Balanced Meal Guide

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8-Week Step Plan

$75 (members)

$180 (non-members)


- Tracking app set up.

- 8 Weeks of varying calories & macro percentages with per-meal calorie and macro targets.

- Recipe book & basic nutrition education guide.

- Daily water consumption guidelines.

- Balanced Meal Guide

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*Macro-Based Nutrition Plan is NOT a form of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) or a prescription diet to treat or cure disease. Clients participate and make changes at their own risk and should consult with their medical provider prior to making any lifestyle changes. Results are not guaranteed.

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