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Becoming Accountable for YOU.

Your success in life depends heavily on one thing: Accountability.




  • 1.the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

Now that you have a better idea of the term accountability, allow us to explain why it plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle.

Accountability is a quality that is quickly disappearing in humans with the advancements in technology and an easily accessible "push button" world.

We would rather text or email someone rather than pick up the phone and call. We would rather take a pill to lose weight rather than work for it. Both of these examples bear a heavy reference to the lost ability to put in effort. Did you catch it?

Responsibility is not always fun and very rarely yields high rewards, but, it is an important part of life.

Check out these real life examples in different areas of your life where accountability matters.


Your boss hands you a project at 8 a.m. with a time sensitive deadline: DUE IN 4 HOURS. You've already laid the groundwork for another project that isn't due until next week, and now you have to put it aside. Frustrated, you scoff, roll your eyes and begin to "review" the criteria that needs to be met in this self-deemed unrealistic and demanding time frame. You've decided that you'll have to work through lunch to get this done, but don't want to cancel your romantic lunch date with your boo. You make the choice to go on your lunch date, leaving with you approximately 2.5 hours to finish a project that should take you at least 3.5, but you think will only take 1.5. You return to your office after your lunch date and get to work immediately, only to find that the estimation of time you thought it would take is WAY off, leaving you crazy behind on your deadline. Your boss is now angry because the project is half-finished, and you defend yourself by saying you didn't have enough time to meet the demands because you don't want to be accountable for your lack of prioritization. Your boss tells you he knows you left for a lunch date and ends up finishing the project himself, and you don't get that raise you were expecting.


Your significant other asks you to mail out the check for the water bill because they are leaving early to meet project deadlines and won't have time to drop by the mail box. You agree and go back to bed. Your alarm goes off and you hit snooze about 30 times. Finally your conscious catches up with you, telling you that you have 20 minutes to get yourself together, walk the dog, and get out the door. You rush through everything in record time, almost forgetting to pick up the envelope to mail the water bill. You pick it up, shove it in your briefcase, and run out the door... you'll mail it at the office.

Weeks go by, your partner goes to take a shower and halfway through, the water shuts off. They call the water company to check for an outage when you realize that YOU forgot to mail out the check! It's still in your briefcase! (Oh, SNAP!) You say nothing and sneak out while they are still on the phone, pretending to walk the dog. You scurry to the mailbox at the end of the street and put it in, and head back home.

Your partner is visibly upset, after finding out the water has been shut off due to lack of payment, and asks you if you mailed the check out. Do you lie and blame it on the slow snail mail, or, do you own up to your absent mindedness and tell them you forgot? Either way is probably going to end in a fight.


Your favorite skinny jeans are getting a little snug, so you google a "quick weight loss" meal plan and download it.

You have the best of intentions by preparing all of your meals for the week on Sunday night, ready to go and you're excited!

Monday morning hits and you pack your cooler, determined to stay on track. You arrive at the office and Susan from accounting brings in donuts to celebrate her birthday. AWESOME. Donuts are your kryptonite! The sprinkles, OH! The cute little sprinkles! They just beg to be eaten.

You tell yourself you're going to have half a donut, and you do! Feeling proud of yourself for being modest and not eating the whole donut, you plug away at your desk until lunch time, and run to the break room for your salad.

Joey went to the barbeque place down the street and brought back your favorite pulled pork sandwich he'd been promising you for months for taking over that project for him. Wanting desperately to say no, you can't because you'll hurt his feelings. You eat the sandwich instead of your salad, along with half a donut.

The week goes by and similar temptations keep getting in your way at work and in your social life, but you think you're managing to stay on track.

You try on the jeans again, and instead of being a LITTLE snug, you CAN'T. EVEN. BUTTON. THEM.

Frustrated, you get angry, thinking "this plan is a gimmick, i GAINED weight!"

Do you give up thinking all is lost, or, do you check yourself and decide to be 100% committed and refuse to stray in the weeks ahead?

There are endless examples we could've used to display situations where accountability matters.

The moral of the story is, NOBODY wants to be accountable for their actions. They always want to pass the blame onto someone else.

In reality, YOU are the only one 100% accountable for your daily decision making.

YOUR BRAIN tells you yes or no when it comes to that donut. YOU decide whether you should re-schedule a date to meet a work deadline, and it's YOU that decides to tell the truth or lie to your partner to escape negative feedback.

Accountability is one of the more important steps you'll learn in our 60 Day Fast Track program. We give you the resources, support and information you need to make better decisions and become accountable for your health.

Are YOU ready to be accountable for YOU?

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