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Complaints vs. Solutions


Listen 👂🏻....


I’m always here if you want to vent, get it off your chest, process it whatever..


But while you’re letting it all out, you need to simultaneously be thinking of solutions to whatever ails you.


I find it helpful when my clients write things out.


1. Draw ✍️ a line down the middle of a piece of paper.

2. On one side label at the top “PROBLEM” on the other side label “SOLUTION”

3. Write your problem(s) in and then think about solutions for each and write it in the SOLUTION column.


Now, look at what you’ve written.

- How often are these problems happening?

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?

- Have you tried implementing any of the solutions you’ve written down for each of them?

If yes, which ones worked? For how long?

Then what happened?


Sometimes we need to sit down to subjectively & objectively evaluate our lives.

This is the only way we get better.


Fear of failure is not an option.

You’ve got to want to do better for yourself.


You’ve got to put the effort into getting to know yourself so that you can push your limits and coach yourself through challenges.


Build your own mental toughness 💪🏼.

Life is going to constantly throw land mines at you, but it’s how you react in the face of those situations that define you.


Keep pushing through and building solutions to your problems.

-Coach Heather

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