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FAILURE: Changing your perception for success.

This is a word that many people fear, and often associate with NEGATIVE feelings.

Failure does not make us feel good. It's a slap to the ego.

What if we told you it DOESN'T have to be that way, and, it's all in your PERCEPTION?

Some common ways people believe they have failed:

- Unsuccessful dieting

- Professional goals unreached

- Athletic training

- Starting a business that wasn't profitable

What if we told you that these "failures" weren't failures at all, but instead, an opportunity for self improvement?

We know.. You're thinking: -- What are you talking about?--

Feast your eyes on this..

FAILURE: (def): Lack of success.

This is how most people look at it.

They tried something. They FAILED to reach their goals. They GIVE UP.


"GIVING UP" is the REAL failure. When you GIVE UP, it means that you are not going to make a second attempt to reach your goals, and then my friends, you have FAILED yourself.

Failure isn't really COMPLETE FAILURE at all!

You see, FAILURE, is an opportunity to TRY AGAIN, and again, and again, while perfecting your approach.

EXAMPLE: You completely derailed your healthy lifestyle with ONE day of bad eating.

NORMAL PERCEPTION: You deem your healthy lifestyle attempt a TOTAL FAILURE and resume your bad habits.

REALITY: All you had to do, was get back on track the next day.

While it was a failure for the day, it does not mean that all of your previous efforts are a wash!

Consistency is key. One bad meal is not going to make you gain 50lbs, while similarly, one healthy meal will not make you LOSE 50lbs.


Having a healthy relationship with failure will make you mentally and emotionally STRONGER and ADAPTABLE.

Just because you "fail" with ONE method, does NOT mean all is lost. It just means that you need to look at WHY you failed the first time, then make improvements the next time around.

FAILURE is a healthy part of self-improvement, especially when it comes to health and fitness.

Learn from your failures= increase your adaptability

FAILURE provides a second chance. GIVING UP does not.


-Coach Heather (the proud queen of failure)


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