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Learning to L O V E Failure

So, you've read the title and that's why you're here...


NOW, read the image:

Transform your FEAR of FAILURE into a LOVE for LEARNING from it.


Is it starting to make sense yet?


Most of us FEAR failure like some kind of incurable disease, but in REALITY we should be embracing the opportunity to LEARN from it.


Every successful figure in our world has FAILED, and that's why they are where they are today.

Because they chose to LOVE LEARNING from it.

Because they've OVERCOME their FEAR of it.


Nobody sets themselves up to fail on purpose, it just happens by taking the CHANCE on something.


Do you have a great idea that might change the world?


Take the chance to LEARN from FAILURE instead of staying in your comfort zone and keeping your ideas locked away in your mind.


Look at Benjamin Franklin for example...

That guy had an idea to put a kite in the air during a lightning storm to prove that lightning was an electrical discharge.

He took very basic items and scientifically calculated precautions based on HYPOTHESIS to conduct this experiment, which later stimulated the invention of the LIGHT BULB.


He knew that there was a HIGH CHANCE of failure (and death), but he took it anyway.


He saw the potential for greater things and he made it a reality.


Amazing, right?


Failure is not there to make us feel inferior, but it exists to show us what we are CAPABLE of. It exists to prove to ourselves what REALLY matters to us in order to achieve success in something.


How many times are you willing to FAIL to LEARN until you achieve SUCCESS?


Be Well,

Coach Heather

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