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Leave Your Baggage At The Door

Leave your “baggage” at the door before entering a new relationship.


This goes for a lot of applications in life, really, but as a professional with 20 years of experience NOTHING sets me on fire 🔥 internally more than a “know it all” un-coachable client who is ALWAYS “bringing their ex” into things.

And by “ex” I mean:

- fad diet habits

- toxic food relationships

- comfort zone issues

- rabbit hole diving on Google


Seriously 😐.. just… DON’T.

I will literally show you the door 👉🏼🚪 and charge you for wasting my time.


You contacted me because you need my help and are seeking expertise, so don’t tell me how your “ex” did things and repeatedly question my methods.

Your “ex” gave you toxic behaviors and food relationships that are now MY PROBLEM to fix.


Unfair right?

Sucks. A LOT. But, it is the reality I deal with on the daily.

The catch, though, is that these problems can only be fixed by the client.

I spend time trying to create actionable methods for you to use to reverse these issues, but it only works if you USE them.


So if you find yourself relating to this post more than you’d like to admit, just know:


- You CAN fix these issues if you want to.

- It WILL be challenging, but it will be worth it.

Be Stronger Than Your Best Excuse,

Coach Heather

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