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Leaving Your BS Behind

Mindset Training: The Bullshit

I am known for keeping it 💯 with my clients.

It has been that way for at least 17 years, and there’s no point to change it now.

I find it most effective to provide the truth as well as a little enlightenment all in the same breath, though, because some people are just simply not ready to hear the truth even though they know it is inevitably coming.

My grandfather always told me “ You can’t grow inside a protective bubble, because any negative pressure on the bubble forces it to pop, and THEN what will you do? How will you adapt to your new surroundings?”


When people seek out a nutritionist or personal trainer it’s because they know something HAS to change in their lifestyle in order to improve the status of their health, confidence & quality of life.

BUT☝🏼, what they DONT consider is THEIR OWN WILLINGNESS to make and keep those changes... and THIS is the biggest hurdle of all for some people, what I call “ Leaving The Bullshit Where It Lies.”

Now the “bullshit” is encompassed by a large umbrella ☂, being that it is a metaphor for bad or unhealthy habits.

Some examples are:

- Making excuses for lack of effort without solutions.

- Consuming food items & not being honest and accountable by putting them in your food tracker.

- Continuing to consume unhealthy food items when you are supposed to be focused on Whole Food nutrition.

- Being half-assed in your approach to change your own wellness.

- Refusing to create and work through strategies to correct unhealthy behavior & habits.

And the list goes on, personalized to each client.

You can throw all the money you want at professionals to provide tailored programs, supplements etc to get you where you want to be, but if YOU don’t “leave your bullshit” behind, you’re always going to be “stepping in it”.

Are you ready to leave yours behind?

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