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Lose your marbles

The phrase "losing your marbles" usually indicates some kind of crazy and chaotic events that cause you to me absent minded, but in THIS post, it actually sheds a different light on the phrase.

Think of marbles like your daily responsibilities, thoughts, & dreams in a jar.

It seems like our mind (internal jar) is a storage bank for all the things (marbles) we have to consider in our day:

- Being proficient in our careers

- Juggle our personal lives (spouses, kids, pets, events etc.)

- Maintaining our health

- Following our dreams/reaching our goals

For the majority of the population, finding a balance amidst this madness appears impossible.

But, what if you could?

We tend to become overwhelmed in the chaotic routine of daily life that eventually our minds shut down and we can't focus because there are simply WAY TOO MANY MARBLES in the jar.


When this happens, you need to "lose your marbles".

Sometimes it takes organizing your clutter collection of marbles(responsibilities, goals, dreams etc) to figure out the ones that you truly want/need to focus on.

Start out by categorizing your marbles. For example:

- Category 1: Improve your health

- Category 2: Find a hobby

- Category 3: Spend more time with family

- Category 4: Get a promotion at work

Every 90 days, set a goal for each category according to necessity or importance in your life.

For example:

Category 1 90 Day Goal: Take a healthy lunch to work every day.

Once you have reached this goal EVERY DAY for 90 days, set another one that's more challenging, like:

Take a healthy lunch to work every day & walk on your lunch break.

Keep setting small but attainable goals until you are satisfied with the results from each category, and then "remove the marbles" from your "jar" to make room for "new marbles".

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