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PERSONALIZED Wellness: Why "One Size Fits All" Doesn't Work for LIFE.

Here's a question for you.......

If you bought a pair of custom shoes built for someone who is a smaller size than you, would they fit?




So why do many people want to use a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to improving their health and wellness?



One size DOES NOT fit all. We are each very UNIQUE, and wellness plans should be PERSONALIZED to reflect those details.


Some people will fall into the trap of "empty promise plans", quick fix gimmicks, and cookie cutter programs to get them out of the tough spot that their every day decisions put them in. For some people, this gets them "out of the trench" they have dug for themselves, and all is good.... for about 3 months, and THEN their daily bad habits catch up to them again.

They become frustrated and question WHY this happened....

"WHY can't i keep this weight off?"

"I need to find something that REALLY works FAST."


Do any of these sound familiar?


If they hit a little close to home for you, then it's time that you STOP:

- Paying premium prices for generic information

- Wasting money on "magic pills"

- Paying an "insta-famous" fitness figure to provide you with the same plan they give to 25 other people each day.



And you should START:

- Researching beneficial methods to address issues

- Evaluating the CAUSE of your lifestyle concerns instead of just treating the SYMPTOMS (weight gain, fatigue, etc).

- Creating a LIFESTYLE that is REALISTIC and you can repeat every day for life-long success.


You can only ignore the issues in certain aspects of your life that need to change for a short period of time before it starts to add up in some negative ways.

STOP "SWEEPING THEM UNDER THE RUG". That's a temporary solution to the problem. If you don't learn how to CHANGE your bad habits into GOOD ones, you'll always be trying to find ways "out of your trench".


Old dogs CAN learn new tricks, it just takes more practice ;-).

Be Well,

Coach Heather

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