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Starting Over Won’t Change The Past.


It’s really amazing to me how many people think that they have “ruined their progress” by short moments of poor eating choices and inactivity.


I’m about to show you why this type of thinking will have you permanently frustrated and in “failure melt down mode” FOREVER if you don’t FIX. IT. NOW.


So you went on vacation.

You had a few drinks, ate a few desserts and enjoyed a few meals that you felt weren’t exactly “diet friendly” while in your first few weeks of changing your lifestyle.


You come home and hop on the old torture device in your bathroom..


Yep, just as you feared: YOU GAINED 3LBS.


Immediately you press the PANIC button ‼️🔘 and go into super restrictive calorie & food group mode:

-NO sugar

-NO grains

-NO carbs except green veggies

and only eating 1,200 calories per day.



🛑 S T O P 🛑


There is absolutely zero reason to do this!


At least once a week I get a message from one of my clients in full PANIC mode..

“ OMG Coach, I messed up! I went out to dinner last night with friends & had 3 margaritas and 4 tacos, now I’m up 2lbs! Should I go back to the beginning of my nutrition plan and restart?”


ME: 🤨 NO! Why on earth would you do this?

You started six weeks ago, lost 10lbs, transformed your relationship with food & found a consistent eating and fitness schedule.

You ARE NOT the same person you were 6 weeks ago when you started so why would you want to go back there?

Starting Over won’t change the past.”

It isn’t going to erase the tacos you ate.


Would you withdraw from a class just because you bombed two tests while you still have 6 weeks left to bring your grade up?

Would you re-start a song when you only paused it for a moment?


That’s crazy talk, right?!


That’s why I tell my clients to “begin where you are”.

You have only “hit pause” at that moment in time from your plan. You have to “hit play” again to resume the progress you’ve made thus far.


As long as you keep moving forward you’re not going backward.

Progress is progress no matter how slow.

Be Well,

Coach Heather



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