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Study Your Playbook, Don't "Up Your Game"

This post is about knowing when to re-evaluate your current lifestyle and when to give yourself a kick in the pants.


A "knee-jerk" reaction when people are not seeing the results they think that they should be is to "step their game up".

This can happen one of three ways:

  • Increasing intensity, duration or days of workouts.

  • Decreasing calories and creating more of a deficit to include harsh food restrictions.

  • A mixture of all the above (THE WORST).

A lot of people think that their struggles with success while working with a coach are linked with their lack of motivation..

  • Lack of motivation to exercise

  • Lack of motivation to eat right

  • Lack of motivation to give a crap

Etc. Etc...

In reality, most of them just need to take in a deep breath and study their "playbook" or the plan that has been created for them.

  • Are you doing what your coach is telling you to? Like absolutely EVERYTHING?

  • Are you being HONEST about the food you're eating?

  • Are you weighing it CORRECTLY?

  • Are you really exercising as much as you're reporting?

  • Are you getting adequate sleep?

  • Are you drinking enough water?

  • Are you "Snack Sneaking" and not reporting it?

  • Are you going TOO HARD in the gym?

  • Are you being TOO AGGRESSIVE with your calorie deficit?

These are all common issues that arise for people during a wellness journey, whether you have a coach or not.


Are you guilty of anything in the above bullet points?

If you are, you need to identify the issue and just BE HONEST. HELP is out there for those who want it, but good help is NOT free.

It may be uncomfortable to admit where you're messing up, but you know what, that's life.

LIFE is rarely comfortable.

If it's comfortable 100% of the time, YOU AREN'T LIVING TO YOUR POTENTIAL.

Study your "playbook" to make sure you are doing everything correctly and living up to your true potential, especially when you are doing "all the right things".

Sometimes we get lost in our own minds and want to push beyond what is really necessary to achieve results, but in the end going "too hard" can be REALLY BAD for your body.


If you don't have a "playbook", maybe it's time you got one!

Having someone help you in your journey can alleviate a tremendous amount of guesswork and stress.

Education and support go a LONG WAY!

- Coach Heather

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