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SUCCESS Lies In Reading Between The Lines.


If you want SUCCESS, you have to "Read between the lines."


So this is a VERY deep-rooted topic, but I will do my best to keep it short and simple but yet inclusive so you get the point.


Simply put, I am talking about doing what's NOT obvious.

The path to success or completion is rarely EVER straight.

Sometimes you have to do a little bit more research or studying on the topic at hand that you are struggling with.

ALSO.. you should NOT attempt to address more than one topic at a time!


Ever hear the saying "Jack of all trades but master of none?"

This is a GREAT metaphor for what I am explaining here.

Just because you CAN change everything at once, doesn't mean you SHOULD.



You'll get burned out and frustrated and throw in the towel.

Then who loses? YOU.

Back to square one where you started.

Also, just because something is CHALLENGING does NOT mean that it is IMPOSSIBLE. It just requires a greater level of effort and patience on your part to persist and conquer!

Think of learning to ride a bike..

You weren't perfect.

You probably fell on your face a few times.

Ended up with some bruises and rashed up body parts.

But you still pressed on... because your desire for success was high.

And in the end, you came out victorious, doing wheelies and things with your friends!

Talk about leveling up!

But it took small steps to get there.

NOBODY has an immense amount of success over night.

It's all about the steps nobody talks about.

The uncomfortable steps. The failing. The emotional rollercoaster. The slipping up and starting over.

It's a JOURNEY to a better you, NOT a race.


So what I am trying to tell you is RISE to every single challenge that is presented to you, because what CHALLENGES US will CHANGE US.

Don't be afraid of CHANGE. Change is how we grow.

-Coach Heather

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