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The Rule of "S" In Success.

Here is my easy to remember lesson about " The 3 S's in Success". .



SLOW progress over time will yield STEADY and SUSTAINABLE long-term results.


For most people in our society, they expect changes to happen over night by just thinking about it, or, because they were "Good" for a few days out of their week.

. Obviously you do NOT gain 30lbs over night, and people who expect it to come off quickly have unreasonable expectations and will end up failing if they do not have the proper support and education. .




Slow progress over time will always yield the best results. When you upset the balance of your lifestyle too aggressively right off the bat with crazy diet and exercise changes, your odds for consistency decrease. Integrating healthier practices SLOWLY will give you "slower" results, but you'll also find that your weight won't fluctuate too much, either. An example would be setting goals by the week, such as (1) Drinking 64oz. of water per day (2) Getting 10k steps per day (3) Packing your lunch and snacks to bring to work.



A steady and consistent pattern of changes collectively sustained and repeated will create stable trends along the way. An example is following a program that is designed to have you losing on average of 0.5lb to 1lb per week for fat loss instead of an aggressive method that yields a loss of 7lbs or more per week.



Taking it SLOW and creating STEADY and consistent changes means that you can keep creating the same results over time as you go because they have become your daily lifestyle habits. An example would be participating in a birthday celebration and having a small piece of cake and a meal that might now be "Exactly on your plan", but you weigh yourself the next day to find that you haven't changed. This is because your body is maintaining the progress you've made thus far due to your collective habits over time outweighing the habits made in this instance. . The only way to create long-term success is to keep your transformation SLOW, STEADY and SUSTAINABLE.


Be Well,

Coach Heather

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