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Why I DON'T Do Written Meal Plans


I get this question a lot being a nutritionist.

Client: "Can't you just tell me what to eat?"

Me: "The macro-based nutrition plan I am giving you IS telling you what to eat. It's just not doing the work FOR you."


Most people want to hire a professional to do the work FOR them, and that's just not my vibe. Here's why...


You see, I've done written meal plans in the past and what I've found is that THEY DON'T HELP THE CLIENT.

The reason I do what I do is to HELP people create long-term healthier habits through education.

I educate my clients because I do NOT want to keep seeing them for the same recurring issues.

I want to keep seeing them at every step in their progress, making adjustments along the way to keep them successful in the lifestyle that I HELPED them create.

The key term is "help" them. NOT do the work for them.


Written meal plans only help the client short-term and they learn absolutely nothing about the foundation of balanced eating. Sure, they learn what a healthy meal "looks like" visually, but they aren't learning WHY it works for them or HOW to balance the meals from the foods they like because they are just following what someone TELLS them to do.


By about your 4th chicken breast meal in your second week of a written plan, you will be absolutely ready to "fly the coop" and ditch the funny farm.


Most people have the diet mentality of "Oh I can follow a diet for 60 days. It will be challenging but I can do it."

That's great.

Til' it's not.

What happens after the 60 days are up and you are "on your own"?

Will you:

- Continue your success by continuing the plan?

- Revert back to your old habits?

- Search for another meal plan?


The answer is usually "Revert back to your old habits". Why? because you didn't learn how to properly connect with healthier eating habits you were following with a written plan.


Living healthier and making changes is a highly psychological process, so when you make changes to your lifestyle without connecting with them or completely understanding the why's and how's, it doesn't stick with you and you are right back to where you started.

So, if you resort to taking the "easy way out" by hiring someone to create a written meal plan to bail you out of your bad habits every 3-6 months, you will always struggle and never move past the challenge.

BUT.. if you actually take the time to LEARN while creating these healthier habits, they will HELP you in the long-term.


The learning curve for studying my fundamental nutrition educational materials and applying them successfully is about 1-2 weeks for the average person who has NEVER tracked macros before.

That's it!

And you're actually creating meals from the foods you LIKE to eat instead of crying in your 3rd serving of kale for the day pretending it's a taco.

Clients who actually take the time to learn the material I send to them enjoy tacos, they don't have to pretend.

So if a generic meal plan is where you feel comfortable, that's great! There are many influencers on instagram who provide the same cookie-cutter plan to people just like you every hour of every day that tells you exactly what food to eat etc.

And honestly, I am throwing NO shade. If that's what you need to get your foot in the door to being healthier, I completely support you.

But if you're looking to learn and create a healthier lifestyle on YOUR terms according to foods you love in variety, then a macro-based nutrition plan from me is right for you!

Be Well,

Coach Heather

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