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You CAN Afford Wellness. Here’s How.

Excessive and Impulsive Spending: You CAN afford to reach your goals if you want to, but your current spending habits make it look like you are constantly in the poor house.


Many people think that they can't "afford" to:

• Eat Better

• Exercise

• Hire a coach/professional

The reality of it is, most people can't afford the cost of ILLNESS, but illness is what's covered by insurance instead of preventive wellness in this country.

I'm not getting up on my soapbox about that in this post, though.


Take a look at your bank statement for your spending each week.

You might see:

• Lunch 5x a week

• Coffee 5x a week

• Random amazon purchase (or 5 LOL)

• Fuel expenses

• Childcare expenses

• Subscriptions

These are just to name a few of the most common things people spend money on without consciously realizing it!


When reviewing your spending, you need to go through each item and ask yourself:

Does this contribute to my health and wellness?

• Could I do without this expense for a few weeks, months or years?

Once you determine those things, you can speculate how much money you can save from eliminating those items, even just short term, to help you improve your health.

For example, let's use a drive thru coffee each day, 5 days per week on your way to work. Let's say this coffee costs around $7/day, that's $35/week and $140 per month!

$140 PER MONTH just on ONE ITEM.

Now, let's look at drive thru lunches or eating out at a restaurant. While these prices vary widely, let's use an average of $11/day, 5 days per week for 4 weeks.

That's $55/week and $220 PER MONTH!


So between the coffee and eating out once per day 5 days a week for 4 weeks, we have found $360 you could be spending elsewhere on items that contribute to your health and wellness goals.


I can tell you that I personally spend about HALF of this $360 amount on healthy groceries per week for a family of 3, with a husband and a teenage son who eats enough for an entire high school football team!


Make your coffee and breakfast at home. No, it might not "taste the same" and you may have to get up 10 minutes earlier than you usually do, but you'll be saving money and reaching your goals!


Make your lunch and bring it to work with you for the majority of your week! This does not mean that you have to miss out on "hang time" with your favorite co-workers, it just means that you take your lunch with you to wherever they go and eat your meal while enjoying their company. If anyone "pokes fun" at you just remember that you're doing it for YOU and NOT for their validation.

I usually find that Fridays are when clients struggle the most because it's the end of the week and co-workers go out for lunch to relieve stress. If you take your lunch Monday-Thursday and budget eating out in your nutrition plan on Friday you can in fact enjoy a meal out with your buds without worry!

REMEMBER: it's not about being perfect every day, it's about being CONSISTENT. What you do consistently makes the difference, so that "one meal" will not set you as far back as you think as long as you resume with your healthy eating habits the remainder of the day.


You can achieve anything if you want it bad enough. You must decide if sacrifices will be worth the reward in the end, and let me tell you... wellness is always a welcomed reward over illness!



Be Well,

Coach Heather

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