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Your Pile Is Showing


Here’s a pill that most refuse to swallow:



If you find yourself constantly unsatisfied with certain aspects of your life, have you created ACTIONABLE solutions for PERMANENT change?

Or, have you just “swept it under the rug” by using shortcut methods to get you through the moment?


After consultation with clients, I usually discover most of them have the latter issue of “out of sight, out of mind”.

Well guess what?

That works for a short amount of time until your “pile” under the rug catches you by the big toe one day and makes you face plant into acknowledgement.



Also, OTHERS can see your “pile” even when you refuse to.


Think about all the money, time and effort you place into shortcuts to avoid facing these issues.

Wouldn’t it have been better to invest in actionable solutions for lifelong results versus a short term solution that creates NO sustainable change whatsoever?


We all want to take the easy way out of things at one point or another, that’s just life. The world we live in is very demanding of us physically, mentally, emotionally and financially so by the end of each day we search for reprieve anywhere we can get it.


But listen to me when I tell you that your health and wellness is NOT something that is worth the short cuts.

Would you rather scoop a handful sized pile of dust off the floor or deal with a 3 foot pile?

The answer seems SO clear when you put it into simple analogies, doesn’t it?

But when it comes to our own issues, that metaphor becomes “easier said than done”.

This is normal because of our body’s natural instinct to seek our “comfort zone”.


The comfort zone is a great place for your goals, dreams health and wellness to DIE.

If you’re tired of experiencing your own personal Groundhog Day with issues that embarrass you, frustrate you and depress you then it’s time to face them HEAD ON.


The process of facing them and working through them will NOT be fun or comfortable, but that’s the point. It’s not supposed to be. It’s due to a thing called “Pain Association” for correcting behaviors.

No, this doesn’t mean someone physically beating you, although in some traumatic situations this is exactly what that means.

In this instance, I am referring to the “pain” of change, the uncomfortable feeling of processing and working through your emotions and issues to correct toxic/unhealthy behaviors.


Lift up your “rug”.

Evaluate what tools you need to get rid of your “pile”.

Seek support to help you do the work.

Stay consistent with your efforts.

Conquer it for life!



Be Well,

Coach Heather

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