Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing


The Answers To Your Metabolic Questions lie in the RMR Analysis

Is my metabolism fast, slow or normal?

How many calories do I burn every day?

I'm counting calories, WHY aren't I seeing success?

A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test should be the foundation of any sensible eating and overall nutritional strategy. The number of calories your body burns at rest accounts for roughly 70% of your total caloric burn throughout the day.

By evaluating your RMR, we can determine a daily calorie target that is specific to your unique physiology, and appropriate for your health and fitness goals.

How it works

You will be sitting comfortably for 15 – 25-minutes in a fasted state (no food, caffeine, or exercise for 6 hours prior) as our machine performs an in-depth breath-by-breath analysis. We capture the number of calories that you are capable of burning while in a rested state, during your normal daily life, and during moderate exercise to provide you with an actionable report that you can use to improve your exercise and nutritional regimens. Additionally, you will learn what % of carbohydrates vs. fats you are using while at rest on the day of the test, which is helpful if you have been following a strict eating and training regiment.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to read RMR Q&A for test prep instructions.


What does it measure?

Here's the breakdown:


Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Your metabolic rate (RMR) is the total number of calories your body is capable of burning while at rest. It represents the baseline number of calories you require to perform normal, every day and subconscious processes such as metabolic processes and breathing. It is also commonly known as the number of calories you need to maintain your lean muscle mass.

Lifestyle & Activity Calories

By determining your RMR, we are able to estimate the number of calories you burn while performing your daily tasks and activities such as working, engaging in your hobbies, walking, climbing stairs, etc. Your lifestyle and activity factors account for a considerable portion of the calories you burn daily.

Exercise Calories

Another estimation and projection we can assume based on your resting metabolic rate is the approximate number of calories you burn during exercise. Please keep in mind, this is considerably different for each person and depends on the type of exercises you do. In general, we estimate this based on the calories you would burn during 30 minutes of moderate exercise.

Metabolism Comparison

Your Live Lean Rx RMR report enables to see how your metabolic rate compares to a typical person of similar sex, age, height, and weight. Do you have a slow, normal or fast metabolism?

Caloric Target Zones

Everyone sets different goals and require different plans to get there. Either way, your metabolic rate report can also enable you to set targets and goals so you can better understand how to maintain your current body composition, improve your composition, or prepare for a sport or athletic event. Keep in mind, these targets and zones are different for everyone. Get your RMR test and see what yours look like!

Recommendations & Personalized Plans Available

We understand that not everyone can properly calculate their own daily calorie and macro-nutrient needs to reach their goals, or hire a trainer or a nutritionist to do it for them. We provide ONE set of daily calorie and macro-nutrient ranges with the cost of the test to get you started.

UPGRADES For Success

Check out our Macro-Based Nutrition Plan Upgrade options based on your needs to give you success long-term!


Who Benefits from a RMR Analysis?

If you are looking to improve your eating habits, improve athletic performance, build more muscle or lose body fat, the RMR Analysis is for you. We recommended having a DEXA Scan and RMR Analysis in the same visit to see how your metabolism is influencing your body composition for the best results.

How Long Does The Test Take?

The RMR Analysis takes 15-25 minutes depending on how steady your breathing patterns are.

How Should I Prepare for my RMR Analysis?

You will need to be fasted from food, caffeine, stimulants, nicotine, and exercise for a minimum of 6 hours prior to your schedule RMR Analysis. This is so we can evaluate your metabolism in a truly baseline or "un-influenced" state for more accurate burn calculations. You may drink water.

YOU SHOULD NOT come in for a RMR Analysis after (1) A night of heavy drinking or (2) After a celebratory meal (holiday feast, birthday celebration etc.). These events can cause your results to be "out of the norm" for your typical routine. It is best to resume your normal eating and exercise routine for a minimum of 48 hours prior to your RMR Analysis for best results.

If you arrive for your appointment unprepared for your RMR you will be re-scheduled.

Know How Many Calories You Are Consuming A Day

You will want to determine how many calories you are currently consuming in a normal day routine prior to having your RMR Analysis. This is helpful information that can help us provide education surrounding the results of your test. You can do this by downloading a free calorie tracking app with a barcode scanner like My Fitness Pal that will allow you to log your food by taking a photo of the barcode within the app.

Can I Take Medications or Supplements Prior To My Test?

You MAY take prescription medications for the following: diabetes, blood pressure or heart-related condition, metabolism or thyroid, or anything that supports your vital organ function, prior to your test. Please refrain from taking elective metabolic supplements and vitamins, as well as prescribed stimulants like Ritalin, Adderall, and Vyvanse.

How Long Should I Plan On Being In The Office?

It's safe to set aside up to 45 Minutes for your entire appointment in order to account for analysis set up and explaining the results.

What Do I Wear?

If you are only scheduled for a RMR Analysis, you may wear anything you like. Other services such as DEXA, VO2max and FIT3D Laser Scan have their own wardrobe requirements.

When Will I Receive My Results?

You will receive your printed RMR Analysis report the same day. A brief review session of your results will follow completion of your RMR Analysis. One set of daily calories will be provided to you and is included in the cost of the test.

If you would like a more in-depth recommendation plan, we have plenty of upgrade options to meet your needs!

RMR Reference Chart

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