May through August every year!

2020 Registration Period is NOW CLOSED.

What is the Summer Kick-Off Challenge?

It's a 60-Day challenge platform to help you get fit and stay healthy all summer long!

At Live Lean Rx Florida, we believe accuracy is crucial when it comes to optimizing your health and wellness, so we went BEYOND hosting your standard "Weight Loss Challenge" and created a more scientific approach by tracking RECOMPOSITIONS. 

A recomposition means that you lose body fat while maintaining or gaining lean mass through exercise and adequate nutrition over a period of time.

How Does It Work

We have 3 package types available: Basic (local), Competitor (local) and ONLINE Only.

 You can participate locally in the state of Florida* by utilizing our DEXA Scan and FIT3d Laser Measurement technology in our Boca Raton and Tampa testing facilities OR participate ONLINE anywhere you have internet!

You Have 60 Days to TRANSFORM.

Local Participants: Basic or Competitor Packages Only

Each challenge package comes with TWO DEXA Body Scans and TWO FIT3d Laser scans.

When you come for your "baseline" or starting measurement scans (no later than June 13th), you will have 60 DAYS from then to transform your body and come back for your follow-up scans.

Everyone participating in the Local Programs' DEXA and FIT3d data will be compared and a winner will be selected for each category.


Want more data to help you take the title? Add a RMR Analysis or VO2Max Fitness Assessment to your challenge package for $60/each!


There will be one 1st Place winner in each category: Male & Female.

1st place winners will receive your choice of ONE of the following:

 ONE free test of choice (RMR or VO2Max) OR ONE 8-week personalized nutrition & recommendation plan as well as any other prizes donated by community sponsors (when available.)

Cash prizes* will be awarded to those participants who purchased the Competitor Package only.

Online Only Participants

You will be enrolled in our app-based platform that will provide an At Home Fitness routine, recipe book, and healthy eating guidelines to use throughout your challenge.

Since you are not local to our testing facility you cannot have the scans done, but we aren't going to let that detail get in the way!

Each week you will be required to:

1. Record your weight. 

2. Take and upload progress photos.

3. Record your body measurements. (Ex: use a cloth tape measure to record inch gain and loss in your arms, abdomen and legs each week.)

At the end of the challenge, everyone in the Online Programs' pictures, measurements and weight records will be compared and a winner will be selected for each category.


There will be one 1st Place winner in each category: Male & Female.

Winners will receive an 8-week personalized nutrition recommendation plan. 

2020 Registration is NOW CLOSED.

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