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June through August every year!

2021 Early Registration Period: May 24th through May 31st!

Regular Registration: June 1st-30th.

What is the Summer Kick-Off Challenge?

It's a 60-Day challenge platform to help you get fit and stay healthy all summer long while competing for the 1st Place title and PRIZES*!

At Live Lean Rx Florida, we believe accuracy is crucial when it comes to optimizing your health and wellness, so we went BEYOND hosting your standard "Weight Loss Challenge" and created a more scientific approach by tracking RECOMPOSITIONS. 

A re-composition means that you lose body fat while gaining lean mass through exercise and adequate nutrition over a period of time. This is EASY to achieve with the right balance of nutrition and fitness training, but it is HARDER than your average challenge.

By focusing the challenge on re-composition, EVERYONE can enter and compete no matter what their goal is!

How Does It Work

We use the clinical gold standard in body composition analysis, The DEXA Body Scan and a second device with laser-precision called the FIT3d Laser Measurement Scan to track everyone's results.

This creates a completely fair competition ground that is not based on generic weight and inch-measurement data, but instead uses the best equipment on the market.

You can use any nutrition plan, fitness routine or any other lifestyle plan that meets your needs to transform your health during this challenge!


Who Can Compete?

Because our challenge utilizes the DEXA Scan and FIT3D Laser Measurement technology to determine everyone's results, you can only participate locally in the state of Florida*, as long as you can travel to our Boca Raton location for your starting and finishing scans!


How Do You Win?

Since we are focusing on a re-composition, the winners are selected by how much they change their body fat percentage by 1. Gaining lean muscle AND 2. Losing body fat simultaneously.

You must do BOTH in order to be considered for placement in this challenge. This means that you cannot solely lose body fat and leave your lean mass un-changed.

Example: If you start with 120lbs of lean mass and 35lbs of fat, you cannot lose 15lbs of fat while leaving your lean mass at 120lbs. You must improve BOTH numbers.

You Have 60 Days to TRANSFORM.

What's included in the Challenge Package?

Each challenge package comes with TWO DEXA Body Scans and TWO FIT3d Laser scans.

A portion of your challenge package fee will go into the cash prize pot for 1st Place in your category.

No memberships, discount vouchers or professional discounted rates will be applied to the challenge package fee.

If you do not win the challenge in any capacity for cash prize eligibility, you will not be refunded any amount.


Regular Registration NOW OPEN



Challenge Rules

When you come for your "baseline" or starting measurement scans, you will have 60 DAYS from then to transform your body and come back for your follow-up scans.

Your baseline scans MUST occur between May 24-June 30, 2021.

If you do not come back in 60 days for your end of challenge scans:

1. You will be disqualified from competing in the challenge.

2. You will lose access to the scans you paid for as part of the challenge.

3. You will NOT be refunded.

*If you notify our staff of any issues such as an illness or injury that prevents you from coming back within the follow-up scan period, we will work with you. If you cannot come back for a follow-up scan within 7 days from your original follow up date, then we will simply extend the use of your purchased items for an additional 30 days from your original follow up scan date. Unfortunately you will still be disqualified from competing in the challenge.


We have created two categories for this challenge to keep it fair: Male & Female. Everyone participating in the Challenge's DEXA and FIT3d data will be compared within their registered category and a winner will be selected for each gender.

* We are basing this off of your born-gender or medically classified gender. We respect your right to identify how you want to, but due to radiation regulation guidelines surrounding the DEXA if you still have gender specific organs we are required to ask certain questions and take precautions for health and safety. If you have any question please contact us:


Want more data to help you take the title? Add a RMR Analysis or VO2Max Fitness Assessment to your challenge package for $50/each!

All upgrade purchases MUST be used within the challenge window and no later than September 1, 2021. No extensions or refunds will be granted.


There will be one 1st Place winner in each category: Male & Female.

1st place winners will receive:

- Cash prize* (guaranteed minimum of $50, but can be more depending how many people entered your category.)

- ONE FREE Test credit of your choice DEXA, RMR or VO2max (expires in 6 months after award date)

- Additional Prizes from our Sponsors (below).



Use the REGISTER button below and follow the instructions to book your baseline scans anytime between May 24 and June 30, 2021.


You will book your follow-up scan date on the day of your baseline scan appointment with our staff.


Please review the challenge consent form. Purchasing and participating in the challenge confirms your agreement to this consent form.


Join our e-mail list to be notified for future challenges and challenge related updates:


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