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Quickly learn your body fat, lean mass and bone health with 98% accuracy and precision using our clinical-grade DEXA Scan body composition quantification technology and body fat test. Easily discover your cardio fitness level and metabolic health with our VO2 Max Test and Resting Metabolic Rate Test.


We use the same tools trusted by medical, health, and fitness professionals as the most accurate and reliable. KNOW with absolute certainty whether your diet and fitness plan is right for your body and goals! Take advantage of our other services such as a Lifestyle Coaching or Functional Medicine!

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Understanding body composition: Explaining the number on the scale

A DEXA Body Scan is a 6 to 8 minute low-powered X-ray scan of your body  from head to toe that will tell you how much lean mass, fat mass and bone mass you have and where it is so that you can understand what the number on the scale really means. This will help you to create a better relationship with your body by learning that the scale is not always a true reflection of progress.

Plan on being in the office at least 30 minutes.

Please note this Dexa Scan is NOT a clinical bone density screening. If you received a prescription from your Dr. for a Dexa bone density exam this is NOT the same.

Who Benefits From This Information?

If you are looking to lose fat, build lean muscle and track changes in your body composition then the DEXA is right for you.

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Understanding your personal daily nutrition requirements

A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Analysis is a 25 minute breathing analysis that will tell you how many calories you burn each day at rest, during your workday, and during moderate exercise. It will also provide your metabolism speed and what your body wants to burn as energy on the day of the test (sugar or fat) in a fasted state. 

Plan on being in the office at least 45 minutes. You must be fasted 6 hours for this test.

Who Benefits From This Information?

If you are lost on how many calories you need to be eating each day to lose weight, gain lean muscle, feel better and perform better, then the RMR is right for you.

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Understanding your target heart rate zones for better training results

A VO2MAX Assessment is a 5 to 7 minute walking, running or cycling fitness test that will provide your target heart rate for each of the following zones: Fat burning, aerobic and anaerobic. It will also provide calorie expenditures per hour in each heart rate zone for accuracy in nutritional programming.

Plan on being in the office at least 30 minutes. You need to be fasted 6 hours for this test.

Who Benefits From This Information?

If you are tracking your heart rate during workouts, following a heart-rate-based fitness routine, or training for an endurance event then the VO2Max is right for you.

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Get your full metabolic report card with this bundle of DXA, RMR and VO2max.

This is our most popular package for people who want all the data! This package includes One DXA Scan, One RMR Analysis and One VO2Max Cardio Fitness Assessment.

Plan on being in the office a minimum of 90 Minutes. You need to be fasted 6 hours for this package.

Who Benefits From This Information?

The more data the better. The Starter Pack is recommended for someone who is going through an overall health transformation using fitness and nutrition to get there. It is also recommended for athletes.

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Better understand your body measurements, posture and balance during your transformation

A FIT3D Laser Body Scan is a 40 second 360 degree laser image evaluation of your body. The FIT3D Scan measures your inches around from neck to ankles, evaluates your posture from side to side and front to back, and evaluates your weight distribution and balance between each leg. It does NOT evaluate body fat percentage. See DEXA Scan for body fat analysis.

Plan on being in the office at least 5 to 10 minutes. Tight fitting clothing is required for this scan.

Who Benefits From This Information?

Someone who is looking to track their inch loss or inch gain in certain areas of the body, improve their posture, and balance, and monitor progress regularly in between DEXA scans.

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