COMMIT TO FIT FL (TM) is a Lifestyle Transformation Platform powered by Live Lean Rx Florida. It is designed to provide the general public with access to the highest grade of wellness screening technology, coaching support, nutrition and fitness recommendation guides, challenges, and more! Our mission is to improve the health & lifestyles of those in the community using REAL scientific methods.

We have different programs & services available:

- Corporate Wellness

- Wholesale Programs for Professionals, Gyms, & Trainers

- Individual Challenge Programs

- VIP Wellness Intensive Lifestyle Education Program

- Annual "Summer Kick-Off Challenge" Program

- On Demand Coaching Programs


Eliminating the guesswork, "one size fits all programs", fad diets, and generic calculators.

No two people are exactly the same. They can have similar traits such as: body weight, height, etc., but on the INSIDE, they can be very DIFFERENT.

We are all have INDIVIDUAL NEEDS, and this is where our services stand out from the rest.

Our team of highly trained professionals can help you address your health and wellness concerns to get you on the right track to reaching your goals by determining your bodies' Composition, Calorie Expenditure, Target Training Zones and more with the Metabolic Assessment services at the Live Lean Rx Florida locations.


Our Coaching, Nutrition, Fitness and Corporate Wellness Programs can be implemented ANYWHERE in the world!

You DO NOT have to be local to Florida to participate in our Lifestyle Transformation services.

Although we prefer you to have the Metabolic Assessments that Live Lean Rx offers, we can help you with your wellness goals WITHOUT them by evaluating your lifestyle and providing personalized recommendations, step by step nutrition & fitness guides, and routine coaching check-ins to make sure you are making progress and getting the support you need every step of the way!


DXA Body Scan
DXA uses a low-powered X-ray to obtain Body Composition Analysis from your head to your toes in about 6 minutes.
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
Know how many calories your body burns in 24 hours just laying around, daily living, and exercise for pin dot precision nutrition planning!
VO2Max Cardio Fitness
Your Target Heart Rate Zones..
The VO2MAX Test will give you accurate targer heart rate zones and hourly calorie burn data so you can train more efficiently!
FIT3D Laser Scan
Laser sharp circumference measurements from your neck to your calves in 40 seconds with trending and comparison charts, balance distribution, and postural analysis!
60 Day App-Based Coaching Program
Take your coach everywhere you go! We will tell you what choices are good and bad, as well as make recommendations for you through an app-based program!
Add a 20 Minute Lifestyle Assessment
Need a little extra help getting started with your new lifestyle?
Add this 20 Minute Lifestyle Assessment on to any service or package for a truly personalized approach to your goals!
We will ask you:
- Basic questions about your health & current lifestyle
- Your goals
- Help you set a realistic time frame to reach your goals
- Provide you with recommendations and resources to help you succeed
Lifestyle Support
Are you looking for a lifestyle coach to help you when you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or confused?
We have many different options available to fit your needs!
Online Nutrition & Fitness Programs
Check out our Online Store!
Target your problem areas
Our DXA Scan can accurately tell you how much lean muscle and fat you have AND WHERE!
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