Are you looking for a scheduled transformation plan that keeps you MOTIVATED and ACCOUNTABLE all year?


Add a spouse or friend for  $899*!

Bring a partner along for the TRANSFORMATION journey!

They will receive the same amount of tests and services within the TRANSFORM package as you do.

This 12-Month package includes:

  • 10 Scheduled Tests (DXA, RMR and VO2Max)

1st Visit: The Starter Pack (One DEXA, One RMR, One VO2Max) + FIT3D Laser Scan + 8-Week Nutrition Step Plan

1st Test Check-In (60 Days after 1st visit): DEXA Scan + FIT3D Laser

2nd Test Check-In (6 Months after 1st visit): DEXA Scan + RMR Analysis + FIT3D Laser

3rd Test Check-In (9 Months after 1st visit): DEXA SCAN + FIT3D Laser

4th Test Check-In (12 months after 1st visit): The Starter Pack + FIT3D Laser Scan

  • 12 Scheduled Fit3d Laser Scans

1st Visit

1st Follow-Up (30 Days after 1st visit)

2nd Follow-Up (60 Days after 1st visit)

3rd Follow-Up (3 Months after 1st visit)

4th Follow-Up (4 months after 1st visit)

5th Follow-Up (5 months after 1st visit)

6th Follow-Up (6 months after 1st visit)

7th Follow-Up (7 months after 1st visit)

8th Follow-Up (8 months after 1st visit)

9th Follow-Up (9 months after 1st visit)

10th Follow-Up (10 months after 1st visit)

11th Follow-Up (11 months after 1st visit)

COACHING UPGRADES AVAILABLE (not included in the price)

Add once-weekly coaching check-ins for 8-weeks for $99!


Here's How To Get Started:

1. Complete the Lifestyle Assessment form.

2. Book your appointment for the STARTER PACK.

3. Arrive for your appointment & begin your journey