Are you looking for a SCHEDULED transformation plan that keeps you MOTIVATED and ACCOUNTABLE?


(Monthly auto-draft option is available with $499 due at enrollment and just $228/mo for 11 months!)

This 12 Month package includes:

Scheduled Testing

(DXA, RMR and VO2Max)

Scheduled Fit3d Laser Scans

Coaching Support 

- First 60 Days of a two-phase Intensive Coaching system is included.

- 15 Minutes of Coaching each week starting in Week 9.

Updated  Lifestyle Recommendation Plans

- Nutrition and Fitness recommendations that change with your needs as you TRANSFORM.

What's Included:

4-Hour In-Home Strategy & Instructional Session

Your Coach will come to your home (within 20 mile radius from office location OR via video conference) to help you:

- Purge your Pantry! Get rid of all temptation and processed food items from your pantry and refrigerator.

- Structure the items you have left over into your meal plan for the first week so you can use what's left after the purge!

- Strategize and Plan your meals using your Recommendation Plan and items you enjoy.

- Grocery List Creation

- Grocery "Shop Along" to learn about the good and bad ingredients you should look for when shopping.

- Meal Prep Assistance: Making sure you know how to properly measure food items into respective serving sizes.

60 Day Intensive Coaching Program

The first 60 Days of a Lifestyle Transformation are the toughest!

You're just getting into the swing of healthier habits and it can be overwhelming on your own.

We have included our 60 Day ULTIMATE Coaching Package in this program to help you stay successful with less stress.

(7) Dexa Body Composition Scans

DEXA Scans help you understand the number beyond the scale: how much lean mass, fat mass and bone tissue make up your entire body weight.

It is important to evaluate your composition regularly throughout a Lifestyle Transformation so adjustments may be made to your nutrition and fitness programs.

You will have a DEXA in scheduled increments at the BEGINNING of your program, Week 8, Week 16, Week 24, Week 36, Week 48 and Week 52.

(3) Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Analysis

The RMR test will accurately measure how many calories you're burning at rest and during certain activities to give you the total calories burned by your body in a 24 hour period.

This is a tremendous help when tailoring a nutrition guideline for your body's needs instead of using a generic calculator.

You will evaluate your RMR at the BEGINNING of your program, Week 24 and Week 52.

(3) VO2Max Cardio Fitness Assessments

The VO2Max Analysis will give you target heart rate zones based on your own Cardio Fitness! Find out when you're burning fat, strengthening your heart and doing both with this short 5 to 11 minute test. 

You will assess your VO2Max at the BEGINNING of your program, at Week 24 and Week 52.

(13) FIT3D Body Measurement Tracking Scans

The FIT3D Scan is a 40 second head to toe analysis of your body measurements (arms, hips, thighs, waist, buttocks, legs).  Tracking your inches during a transformation is VERY IMPORTANT. It teaches you to pay attention to your body BEYOND the scale.

You will have FIT3D Check-ins at the BEGINNING of your program and every month following for a total of 12 months!

(4) Lifestyle Recommendation Plans

You will receive (1) Initial Lifestyle Assessment & Lifestyle Plan at the BEGINNING of your program plus an additional (4) updated Nutrition and Activity Lifestyle Recommendation plans based on your screening results at the following check-points:

- At 8 Week check-in

- At 24 Week Check-in

- At 36 Week check-in

- At 52 Week (program exit) check-in

(44) 15-Minute Coaching Sessions

You will receive (44) 15-Minute Weekly Coaching sessions after your initial 60 Day Intensive Coaching Program, starting in Week 9 to help keep you motivated towards your goals.


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Add a spouse or friend for $1,500*!

Bring a partner along for the TRANSFORMATION journey!

They will receive the same amount of tests and services within the TRANSFORM package as you do.

*Must purchase the Annual Package to receive this rate.


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