Live Lean Rx Florida Discount Voucher, Gift Card & Promotional Rate Redemption Policy


VOUCHER PURCHASES: Clients who elect to purchase a discount voucher from a Third Party such as Groupon, Living Social, etc. are responsible for reading and agreeing to the fine print on their vouchers through these venues. Agreement is automatically signified by a completed purchase transaction via those websites. Clients are also responsible for reviewing and adhering to any business policies such as the Booking Policy, Voucher Redemption Policy , Liability Waiver and Booking Process set forth by CTF LLC DBA Live Lean Rx FL prior to (1) Purchasing a voucher and (2) Reserving an appointment.

As a private business, CTF LLC reserves the right to refuse service and revoke status of any client who is in violation of any business policy for any reason at any time without accommodation or refund.

CTF LLC DBA Live Lean Rx FL is not responsible for any refunds of vouchers purchased via Third Party websites. If you have an issue with your voucher or would like to request a refund, please contact the venue in which the initial purchase was made.

Voucher Eligibility

CTF LLC D.B.A. Live Lean Rx FL will honor vouchers in the amount of (1) voucher per person (1) time as a New client.

New Client Status is defined as individuals who have never had a single service at CTF LLC prior. Once a client has purchased (1) voucher or reserved and completed (1) service they are no longer considered a New Client and no longer eligible for New Client promotional offers through groupon or through the offerings at CTF LLC.

Voucher purchase is not a guarantee of appointment. All clients must complete  and pass the Pre-Screening Survey and Booking Process.

Third Party Voucher Policy Violation

Clients who purchase vouchers for themselves in excess of (1) voucher is in violation of the Third Party guidelines and will be required to pay the remainder of the retail value of the services for which they intend to use the voucher for directly to CTF LLC on the date of service.

Promotional Eligibility

Clients who purchase a voucher via Third Party venues are not eligible to purchase or receive any New Client Promotions offered by CTF LLC even if they wish to participate in a different service than what their voucher purchase was for. (See New Client Status in bold above.)

Booking Process

All clients who wish to visit the CTF LLC D.B.A. Live Lean Rx FL facilities must complete the Booking Process as indicated on the booking page, which includes creating an account, providing a credit card, and completing all screening forms and liability waivers. CTF LLC is a by appointment only facility that requires online reservation of appointments. All available dates and times will be shown on the Booking Page in the indicated section. Clients are responsible for finding an available date and time that falls within their voucher expiration window prior to actual expiration date for full credit. Any limited availability or facility closures by CTF LLC shall be posted and expiration dates on the vouchers will be extended by management for client use.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR READING ABOUT AND PREPARING FOR THE SERVICES YOU BOOK. All service information can be found under the SERVICES menu. Please use the "LEARN MORE" link beside your service to read about preparation instructions etc.

Voucher Expiration

The amount a client pays for a voucher will not expire, but the voucher's ability to be redeemed in its' entirety for that amount does and is indicated by the expiration set on the voucher by the Third Party. This means that if you paid $79 for a service that is regularly $150 you can use your voucher for the entire $150 amount so long as you redeem your voucher prior to the expiration date. Any voucher redemption after the expiration date requires that a client must pay the remainder of the retail service amount directly to CTF LLC while the initial $79 paid will be deducted from that retail price.

Credit Card Entry Is Required

Clients who purchase vouchers from Groupon or other Third Party retailers will be required to place a credit card on file during the account creation and appointment reservation process regardless of voucher purchase as the credit card serves as part of our Booking Policy guidelines.

Clients will not be charged any additional amount than they have already satisfied via the Third Party unless they (1) Violate our Booking Policy or (2) Choose to purchase additional services at the time of their visit and authorize use of the card they placed on file. All payment and client demographic information is entered into an encrypted and secure database and will never be sold to Third Party entities or used by anyone other than CTF LLC.

DISCOUNTS, GIFT CARDS & PROMOTIONS: All discounted rates and promotions are based on the retail values of the services or packages.

All discounts, promotions,gift cards and vouchers will be applied at the time of check-out during your appointment. To redeem a promotion, gift card or discount, please book your appointment via the instructions below and then notify staff of the promotion you'd like to use when you arrive for your appointment during checkout.

Special Profession Discount Offers

We offer discounted rates to Police, Fire, Military, Medical Professionals, Fitness Professionals, Teachers, Students and Senior Citizens at a rate of $90 per test. When using the discounted rates in this category, it cannot be combined with any additional offers or discounted vouchers like Groupon, Living Social or the New Client Offers listed on our website. It is an "either or" choice. You can elect to use your Special Profession Discount rate per test or (1) New Client Offer rate, but not both together. For example, you cannot book a New Client RMR Analysis for $79 and use your Special Profession Discount rate for a DEXA Scan at $90.

New Client Promotions

New Client Status is defined as individuals who have never had a single service at CTF LLC prior. Once a client has purchased (1) voucher or reserved and completed (1) service they are no longer considered a New Client and no longer eligible for New Client promotional offers. If not using a Third Party Voucher, Clients may choose and use (1) New Client Deal from the New Client booking menu (1) time for (1) service only. These offers cannot be combined with other vouchers, discounts, promotions etc. at the time of service or anytime thereafter.

Gift Card purchase or receipt is not a guarantee of appointment. All clients must complete  and pass the Pre-Screening Survey and Booking Process.


1. Follow the instructions for completing the Pre-Screening survey in STEP #1.

2. Select the service(s) on your voucher or included in your promotion from the DXA/RMR/VO2 section in the drop down menu in STEP #2. If you are booking more than (1) service and the bundle option is not available in the drop down menu, you will need to book the service types separately.

3. Complete the account creation and reservation process as instructed.


By proceeding to the booking page and reserving my appointment from this notice, I hereby understand and agree to all terms listed above, on any Third party website and any policies set by CTF LLC.

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